Cycling Coaching

Cycling coaching is a great way to quickly increase your confidence, enjoyment and performance on a bike. Every aspect of cycling is covered, from position on the bike and pedalling technique through to handling skills and fitness development.

James is a British Cycling Qualified Cycling Coach with over 25 years cycling and racing experience. He organises regular cycle rides and coaching from The Training Works either one-to-one or in small groups of up to 6 people, catering for complete beginners to competitive cyclists. James passion for cycling started with mountain biking and developed to road and track cycling and he is equally passionate that people should get the most out of their cycling experience.
As a fully qualified personal trainer he also has a great understanding of how to develop strength and conditioning for cyclists and an awareness of the typical weaknesses and postural issues associated with cycling. Should you need any remedial work, we also have an in house physiotherapists and sports massage therapists for any niggles, pilates and yoga are also a great way for cyclists to maintain healthy posture, core strength and prevent injury.


What happens during a Cycling Coaching session?

Each session is based on the needs of each individual or group, and can cover:

  • Bike fit, position and suggested modifications
  • Skill development for cornering, braking, climbing, descending, group riding and more
  • Ways to improve efficiency and overall performance on bike
  • Goal setting and program design
  • General maintenance and emergency repairs

Friendly and fun

Cycling can be tough, challenging and exhilarating, but ultimately, it should be fun. Coaching should be no different, hard enough to improve performance whilst being relaxed, fun and rewarding. Whatever your aspirations our services will help you get there quickly, effectively and enjoy the ride along the way. Sessions usually last one hour but can be half or full day, arranged on request.

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