Text Exercising regularly takes discipline. Having a personal trainer is the most effective way to improve health and fitness, stay motivated and learn correct exercise techniques. Personal Training at The Training Works takes place in our light, spacious studio, away from all the hustle and bustle.

How do you choose a Personal Trainer?

THE TRAINING WORKSWhatever your current ability, experience or requirements, our comprehensive assessment is designed to understand what you want, what your needs are and create a plan of how that is best achieved. It’s important that you enjoy where you train, have good rapport with your personal trainer, and confidence in your program. Our personal trainers are chosen not just for their training excellence, but also for their friendly personalities. They are naturally adept at being able to boost your mood and enhance your energy when you need it, so you can feel positive about achieving your fitness goals. Through having a team of personal trainers, we can align you with the best personal trainer for your needs and personal enjoyment.

What will happen with your Personal Trainer at the first Session?

We will invite you in for a free consultation to talk about your goals, fitness, and lifestyle. Then, we will asses your movement and posture so that we can design a plan specifically for you. Any injuries, weaknesses or movement issues will be addressed, so you can train confidently – and comfortably. Personal Training sessions are then tailored and adapted to your needs, with regular checks to ensure that progress is being made. There’s no annual fee, you just pay per course of training sessions.

What our clients say:

“The Training Works is not like other gyms, you can really notice the difference. The atmosphere is more welcoming, the gym is vibrant with trainers, clients and group sessions and there is a larger variety of training options available. I have worked with several of the trainers over the years and have had the pleasure of getting to know them on a personal basis. Unlike others, this fitness studio offers a sense of family. You get to know the people you work out with. You don’t feel intimidated by any of the trainers and it is lovely to see the gym change for the better under its new ownership. I wholeheartedly recommend The Training Works to work out and improve your lifestyle – even for the sceptical out there!”  Kirsty McQuillan

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