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Personal Training St Margarets, Twickenham

The Training Works  is a well equipped health consulting and fitness studio, offering therapies, groups and personal training in St Margarets, Twickenham. Owned by personal trainer Melissa Tarver who is also a founding member of St Margarets Cycling Club.

What you will find is a private, light, airy studio located over three floors that is small enough to feel personable, yet large enough to exercise freely. We provide a unique service catering for every aspect of personal health and fitness, working seamlessly with our range of practitioners to ensure you have the most comprehensive help and advice.

Our studio  in St Margarets is opposite the station, and just  5 minutes walk from Twickenham.

Working with Melissa is a specially selected team with some of the best personal trainers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionist in London. Each have been chosen for their excellence, knowledge and friendly personalities.

With such a diverse team, you can access the best person for your fitness, health and well-being – right on your St Margaret’s doorstep..

Some clients have been training hard, but need specific help to achieve their goals and stay injury free. Other clients just want to feel fitter as they go about their daily life and require help with their posture, movement, nutrition, lifestyle or specific rehabilitation needs. St Margaret’s also has a large family community so we offer pre and post natal training too.  Your health and fitness plan is bespoke to you.

What our clients most enjoy is the personal ambience each time they arrive at the studio. You can be yourself. Our trainers and practitioners know how to  boost your mood and enhance your energy when you need it. We want you to feel confident about achieving your goals.

There are no memberships or annual fees, you just pay per course of sessions

If you are looking for personal training in St Margarets visit The Training Works and let exercise become a naturally enjoyable part of your life. Whether that is for personal fitness, to lose weight,  or train for a specific sporting event, we guarantee your experience will be personable, challenging, rewarding and fun.


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