Measuring yourself is a good way to see if you're progressing toward your fat loss goal.

Five proven ways to lose fat (plus a few that will never work)

It’s the holy grail of getting healthy, but it’s also one of the toughest things to achieve: finally losing that wobbly, jiggly muffin top or beer belly that ruins the look of your clothes (not to mention your self-confidence!) But losing that stubborn fat is possible – you just have to ignore all the hype and stick with what actually …

Nick TaimitarhaFive proven ways to lose fat (plus a few that will never work)

Ballet Barre – grace under pressure

Have you ever glanced in the mirror and worried that everything seems to be heading south? This usually means you’re losing muscle tone, which is vital for keeping you upright and looking your best. Unfortunately, this can happen quite easily if your job requires sitting for long periods of time – especially if you don’t make time to exercise. Why? Essentially, your body …

Nick TaimitarhaBallet Barre – grace under pressure