Ballet Barre – grace under pressure

Have you ever glanced in the mirror and worried that everything seems to be heading south? This usually means you’re losing muscle tone, which is vital for keeping you upright and looking your best. Unfortunately, this can happen quite easily if your job requires sitting for long periods of time – especially if you don’t make time to exercise.

Why? Essentially, your body is meant to move. If you don’t exercise, your body will naturally develop poor posture and muscle tone – it’s a real case of “use it or lose it”. Weakened muscles, especially in the core, can lead to aches, pains and twinges that make everyday movement uncomfortable, and leave you feeling older than your age.

Barre gives big results without the boot-camp atmosphere

Many of us avoid the gym altogether because we just can’t bear the thought of aerobics – but don’t despair, Zumba isn’t the only way to get in shape.

Our solution: Ballet Barre.

These classes, based on a combination of ballet warm-up exercises and Pilates, are ideal for people recovering from injuries – or anyone who wants to create a sculpted body without all the leaping around. Instead of jumping or bouncing, barre classes use a series of small, controlled movements to create long, lean muscles and a strong core.

You’ll still be working your body hard – trust us – but without getting too red and sweaty in the process.

Feeling comfortable in your skin

At The Training Works, we believe that a healthy body image isn’t about achieving perfection; it’s about having a strong, fit body that you feel comfortable living in. A sculpted, toned body that makes your clothes look good and helps your confidence grow.

Our clients who regularly attend barre classes are always surprised at how quickly they start to achieve results, not to mention how much more aware they become of their posture throughout the day – they actually feel taller!

Try a Barre workout for free

If you like the idea of having a better-toned body and a more relaxed mind, why not come along and try a free barre class? Our airy studio in St Margaret’s is a relaxed environment that makes this kind of exercise really enjoyable. (Plus, class sizes are limited, so you’ll never feel overcrowded.)

Barre classes take place at The Training Works, St Margarets, Richmond on Monday mornings from 10:00 until 11:00 and Thursday mornings from 11:00 til 12:00. Drop-in classes cost £12, or you can save money by buying a block of classes. To book, call 020 8892 2493 or email us – and get ready to fall in love with a new way of working out!

Nick TaimitarhaBallet Barre – grace under pressure

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  1. Esther white

    Do you do classes in the evening? I work long hours during the week but would love to attend the classes, or do you do weekend?

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